Transition Night with the Richland County and Community on Transition (CCoT)

The Richland County and Community on Transition, (CCoT) will be presenting a virtual Transition Night on Wednesday, April 13 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. in conjunction with the Ithaca School District. This presentation is geared for parents and guardians who have a child with a disability age 12 and beyond, who would like to learn more about services available as their child transitions from school to post-secondary options.

Are you asking questions such as, Will they get a job?  Are they able to live on their own? What does transition mean? What housing options are there?  What does long-term care mean for our family?  What is Project Search?  If so, join us for a time to answer these questions using the link,


Presenters will include Brian Kenney, CESA 2 and 3 Transition Coordinator, Alissa Taylor from the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Nicole Hisel from Independent Living Resources, and Cassie Sanders from Aging and Disability Resource Center of Eagle Country’s Richland Center.

 These services include everything from living independently, to work experiences, to going to college, to going into the workforce.

You may join us even if you live outside of Richland County, as these services are not exclusive. Feel free to join us at the Ithaca School District LMC if you do not have adequate internet access or a device. Five gift cards will be given out to those who can answer correct questions after the presentation (virtual or in person).

Contact Cheri Jacobson at 608-585-2311 or with any questions.