From 1:30pm until 5:00pm in the Ithaca Multipurpose Room, the Richland County Health will be holding a COVID vaccine clinic in the Ithaca School Multipurpose Room. Attached are the forms you will need to either print, sign and bring at the time of the clinic OR pickup at school, sign and bring at the time of the clinic.  Make sure it is completed and signed properly and completely.

Those under the age of 18 WILL require an adult present during the vaccination.

The consent form MUST be signed by a custodial parent and then an adult MUST be present  at the time the child (under age 18) receives the vaccine in the event of any reaction.  Return all forms that day.

There will be a minimum of 3 nurses to administer the dose so it should move fairly quickly.  You are asked to park in either the North Lot or the South Lot (the far side of the community gym).

You will enter the side door of the Multipurpose room and be checked in by the registration assistant.  At that time, your student will be summoned to come to the MPR.  It is recommended that you coordinate the time and when registering for a vaccine, you indicate the time you plan to arrive.

Covid Vaccination Fact Sheet

Prevaccination Checklist

Next Steps after Your Covid Vaccine

Covid Vaccine Consent Form

Health Checker - V-Safe after your vaccine