UW Platteville just sent the updated guide for the Early College Credit Program for those students that are interested in taking a math or any other course at UW Richland in the fall. (This is not for students that will be taking the Calculus class with Mr. Triphan for college credit next year.  That registration will happen in the fall.)

Also attached is the ECCP Application form that is due to me by March 1st.  With conferences and no school for students being on Monday, students may return them to Ms. Bevan on Tuesday morning.  UW Platteville's course times will not be available for the fall until mid March, however Ms. Bevan will still need to turn in the ECCP forms to the school board for approval at the beginning of March.  The student should write down his/her choice for class as well as an alternate class or two if he/she has something else in mind to take.  The board knows that there may be some changes due to scheduling conflicts once the UW schedule is released.  If planning for a Math or English class, the students will also need to take a UW Placement test in the next couple of months.  Once scores come back, we can finalize schedules and send the application/transcript onto Platteville for approval.  

Please see attached information about the Southwest Technical CollEDGE Up Program for those interested in taking courses through the Technical College.  
These applications are also due March 1st.  Let me know if you have any questions.


UW Platteville Early College Credit Program Guide 

Early College Credit Program Application Form

CollEDGE Up Information from SW Tech. Website

CollEDGE Up Application

Pistons to Pathways Program added to CollEDGE UP Choices