April 13, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians of Ithaca students, (please have pen and paper handy)

We hope all have been able to remain safe during this difficult time.  Staff are at school every day and phone messages are checked daily so if you need something, please call.  Also, ALL families of the Ithaca School District are highly encouraged to participate in the FREE daily breakfast/lunch.  Visit the school website weekly to submit your request. If you have questions, contact either Annette Louis or Kathleen Schoen.

Some things regarding this next “round” of learning:

We will have the school open for you to return student work packets and to pick up the next round.  Elementary will continue with packets. Middle and High School are moving their classes to Google Classroom for the most part. If your middle or high school child has not accessed their school email account, they need to do that as the teacher has been in contact with them through Google Classroom.  

Material pickup and drop off will be Wednesday, April 15, and Thursday, April 16, from 10 AM-6 PM.  

Chromebooks are being prepared for only the students (Gr 3-12)  who indicated on the Student Tech Avail (for parents) Survey that a device was needed.  An agreement for use must be signed by a parent at the time of pickup. Please bring your own pen.

Please come through the main entrance, maintain social distancing practices, use sanitizer, follow directions for picking up all  class materials, drop off completed work packets in teacher-labeled totes, and pick up and sign for chromebooks. Please then follow the signs to exit the building out a different door from the main entrance.  

We are allowing only one (1)  adult /student in the building per family. This is to help reduce the amount of people in and out of the building.  Do maintain social distancing and use hand sanitizers. Please do your best to protect yourself and others. Come with a list of your student’s teachers/classes so you know what to collect.

We will have internet access in the parking lots for students to use as needed beginning April 20.  Everyone is to remain in their cars, download/upload as needed, and leave as soon as possible. This service is being provided because we understand the problem of connectivity we have in our district.  All school rules apply because of being on school property. 

Although the teachers are doing things similarly, all student and/or parent should be in contact with the teacher weekly.  Our teachers want to support the learning as well as family needs during this time. If you have not been contacted yet, please call the school office to ensure we have an accurate phone number in our system. Assigned student learning should be completed.  Each teacher will be in contact with the student and/or parent regarding how work will be “turned in.”   

MS/HS school work is to be satisfactorily completed and returned to the teacher.  Teachers will then issue a CP (Covid Pass) / CF (Covid Fail) grade based on the school work completed and turned in.   The Pass/Fail grade will be for all MS/HS 2nd semester grades (including 3rd quarter). The Pass/Fail grading system does not factor into overall cumulative GPA.  Elementary grading remains the same and each teacher will indicate which work is to be turned in or discussed during their weekly check-in calls.  

Upcoming packet drop offs  will be outside the main entrance on Fridays in May.  May 1, 15, and 29 from 10 AM until 6 PM. Be sure the student’s name is on all papers turned into the labeled  tote. 

Ithaca Seniors and parents of Seniors, the graduation ceremony is pending the directive of the Governor regarding closure and social distancing.  

Prom is postponed until further notice as are all other school activities.  

Again, take care of yourself and your family.  Be safe.
Mr. Lechnir Ms. Schoen