Hello Ithaca Community,

This week is the start of something unprecedented for most of us.   Ithaca wants to maintain positive, outgoing information for our students, families and communities.  Our staff has been working all day to assemble information to share.  

1. If you are feeling sad or upset about the situation, here are some area services that can assist you. 

2. Here are some socio-emotional learning to use in times of stress.  

3. Everyone in the building is working hard to gather lessons and complete quarter grades.  While we are not quite ready, please know that there will still be learning in Ithaca.  The district will update you on the specifics as we work them out.  Don't forget to read every day, and now that you have the time, read every evening, too. 

4. Tonight, Monday, March 16, 2020 is a board meeting to discuss our next steps as a district.  

5. We are working on being able to provide breakfast and lunch for all children under 18 years old.  This should start March 30.  Updates on that will happen soon. 

Please know that we are here for you, and that we are still working on the, "What's next?"  The situation is changing daily, and so we want to update you, too. 

Mrs. Prouty