Red Ribbon Week inspires students to make healthy choices instead of using drugs. This year’s theme is “Drug Free Looks Like Me". Ithaca is celebrating Red Ribbon week from October 23rd through October 31st. Recently, 3 Ithaca Students (Emma Schoen, Erica Steinmetz and Elise Newkirk) recorded public service announcements about Red Ribbon Week, with those commercials currently airing on WRCO Radio. They can also be found on our IN THE MEDIA section of the Ithaca APP and website.

Emma Schoen - Red Ribbon Week

Erica Steinmetz - Red Ribbon Week

Elise Newkirk - Red Ribbon Week

Adam Hess and 3 students - Red Ribbon Week

October 18-22 is National Bus Safety week. Be sure to listen to WRCO - FM 100.9 to hear our students discuss bus safety. Here are the radio advertisements from the Ithaca Students.

Brooklyn Freestone School Bus Safety Week

Elise Newkirk School Bus Safety Week

Emma Schoen School Bus Safety Week

Holly King and Josie Laue School Bus Safety Week

Lexi Stowell School Bus Safety Week

Madison Hackl School Bus Safety Week

Parker Hisel School Bus Safety Week

Sammy Clary School Bus Safety Week

Ty Kershner School Bus Safety Week

Wil Burnley School Bus Safety Week

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