Our MISSION: Ithaca Public Schools’ mission is to ensure the highest levels of learning in a positive, safe, community-rich environment while building on strengths, encouraging accountability, and helping all learners fulfill their potential.

To achieve the Ithaca Public Schools mission, we envision a school in which we:

  • Provide rigorous academics in every discipline in a supportive and engaging environment,
  • Provide the tools needed to be a productive member of society,
  • Set clear, high expectations for behavior and academic achievement with measured, consistent accountability,
  • Provide a welcoming and safe environment,
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively and regularly,
  • Promote leadership at all levels, and
  • Encourage a growth mindset with a passion for learning through exploration and experimentation.
President Ron Brisbois brisron@ithaca.k12.wi.us
Vice President Linda Peterson petelin@ithaca.k12.wi.us
District Clerk Kelly Feryance ferykel@ithaca.k12.wi.us
Alternate Clerk Becca Keller becca.keller@ithaca.k12.wi.us
Treasurer Joe Brown josephbrown@ithaca.k12.wi.us
WASB Representative Kelly Feryance ferykel@ithaca.k12.wi.us
CESA #3 Representative Randy Manning mannran@ithaca.k12.wi.us


Policy Mr. Brown and Mrs. Feryance
CurriculumMrs. Feryance, Mrs. Keller, and Mrs. Peterson
Finance/PersonnelMr. Brisbois, Mr. Brown, and Mrs. Peterson
Buildings and GroundsMr. Brisbois and Mr. Manning