Scholarship Information

Scholarships are free money that doesn't need to be repaid. You should search and apply for as many as you can. Often, local sources are some of the best sources of scholarships. Check with local churches, civic organizations, businesses, or employers. Fill out an application for each scholarship, paying close attention to requirements and deadlines.

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Local Scholarship Process and Forms

Ithaca Community Scholarship Packet (20 included): Students must submit the Community Scholarship Checklist, Application, and Three Rating forms by February 1, 2021 to be considered for these scholarships. (Make sure to attach letters of recommendation and the extra essays if applying for select scholarships.) The forms are available below or may be picked up from Ms. Bevan.

Ithaca Community Scholarship Packet Description Guide and Checklist - Please read the Description Guide, Print and Fill Out the Checklist, and Return the Checklist to Ms. Bevan.

lthaca Community Scholarship Packet Application Form - Please Fill Out, Print, and Return to Ms. Bevan.

Scholarship Rating Form - Please Print, Fill Out and Return to Ms. Bevan : Three (3) forms are required: At least two (2) from District Faculty Members and at least one (1) from a Community Member that is a Non-Relative

Additional  Scholarships 

*Please read the descriptions and follow the directions on the link. You may contact Mrs. Monica Kershner who is assisting Ms. Meredith Bevan while she is on leave if you have questions at:   monica.kershner@ithaca.k12.wi.us or (608) 585-2311 Ext. 302.

Scholarship Opportunities 20-21