The purpose of the GT/LEAP program is to provide each student with what they need to stay engaged and excited about school. We offer subject compaction, acceleration, and subject and grade skipping. Additionally, there are many enrichment activities that vary from student to student and year to year to meet your child's needs. Counseling is also available to gifted learners when needed.

Middle School LEAP and co/extra-curricular opportunities:

MathCounts 6-8th

Kids College 6th

Shake Rag Alley 6th

MS Quiz Bowl 7th-8th

7th grade Quiz Bowl

6th grade Battle of the Books (MVGTN)

Battle of the Books 6th-8th (WEMTA)

Math 24 Double Digits 6th grade

Visual Arts Festival 6th-8th

UW Engineering Expo 4th-8th

Science Quiz Bowl 6th-8th

Leadership Workshop and project 8th grade

Lego FIRST League 6th – 8th

NatGeo Bee

Various writing contests (Delta Kappa Gamma, Dream Careers, Patriots Pen) 6th-8th

You Be the Chemist – top scorers 6th-8th

UW-Platteville Engineering, Science, and Math Expo 6th-8th

Genius hour

Independent computer coding and website building opportunities

Other opportunities as they become available

The Forward exam is given in accordance to state standards and recommendations. iReady Reading and Math are given to middle schoolers as well to benchmark skills mastered and those requiring practice. Additionally, there are opportunities to earn high school credits in middle school in Spanish, ELA, and/or Math. 

If you have any questions about the GT/LEAP program at Ithaca, please contact Mrs. Jill Plonka at school 608-585-2311 or via email plonjil@ithaca.k12.wi.us.