Application Form

Ithaca Elementary is looking for a long term substitute teacher for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year! The best candidate for this position has a bachelor's degree in education and loves working with first grade students. Official experience and a state teaching license is preferred, but we welcome those with informal experiences as well. Candidates will be covering the beginning of the school year. We ask that candidates are flexible and willing to work with the everyday changes that a classroom has to offer. It is also important that you are willing to become a part of the Ithaca community and serve the many families throughout the district. Apply online through WECAN at WECAN.education.wisc.edu. Questions may be directed to Ithaca Elementary School Principal Kathleen Schoen at 608/585-2311.

Ithaca Public School currently has a job opening for a paraprofessional. Applicants should be flexible, professional, patient and encouraging with a variety of learning levels. The individual filling this role will work closely with staff members to provide additional learning, coaching, tutoring, and supervision to our students. This role may require using office equipment, having basic computer skills and knowledge of common computer programs. Questions may be directed to Brooke Hackl in the Ithaca School District Office at 585-2512 ext. 406 during normal business hours. Refer to Ithaca School District Policy 373 for more details regarding this position. To apply, complete an application form found on the "Employment" tab of our website.