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Sept 27, 2022

Today is a Day 1

Lunch for today: First choice- Hamburger gravy/mashed potatoes, Second choice- BBQ Rib/sub bun, Spinach salad, Breadsticks, and milk
Congratulations to the Ithaca student body for your excellent representation and attitude last week during homecoming week! The student council would like to congratulate all the classes for participating in the spirit week activities and point totals. Before announcing the overall winners for homecoming week, many were curious about who won the floats so the order goes ...4th place to the freshmen, 3rd place to the seniors, 2nd place to the sophomores, and 1st place to the juniors. Each class point totals were tallied yesterday for the final count. In 4th place overall with 36 points was the freshmen and the juniors in 3rd place with 75 points. The sophomores had a total of 102 points in 2nd place and rounding out the week with a total of 115 points was the senior class. Congratulations to all the classes and the seniors will receive a pizza party for winning the most points.

NOTICE TO THOSE ON FREE OR REDUCED LUNCHES LAST YEAR: You have through October 1 to re-apply for the program. If you have not applied by October 1, it will be assumed you plan on paying the lunch fee starting Monday, October 3. If you apply and qualify, the reduced price is $.30 per day for breakfast and $.40 per day for lunch.

This Day in History: On September 27, 1938, President Franklin Roosevelt writes to German Chancellor Adolf Hitler regarding the threat of war in Europe. The German chancellor had been threatening to invade the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia and, in the letter, his second to Hitler in as many days, Roosevelt reiterated the need to find a peaceful resolution to the issue.

Word of the Day: Sporadic-adjective Something described as sporadic occurs occasionally, irregularly, or randomly across time or space. The team's regular meetings became sporadic over the summer months, when at some points up to half of its members were on vacation.

— Belated to Briggs Maxwell and John Weitzel on Mon (09/26), today Cameron Beasley
H.S./M.S.—Magdalene Gwchwind, James Layton

Ithaca After-School Events:
Volleyball: Girls Varsity vs. La Farge (Home)
Volleyball: Girls Varsity vs. Weston (Home)